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Fake News – The Wall Street Journal Should be Ashamed!

by: Scott Leonard

Seldom do I take the time to respond to articles where I have a different opinion. I could waste most of my time everyday if I tried. However, as my company is about to host an investment presentation where we talk about the “DFA Advantage,” I felt that a reply to this particular article wasRead More →

Why the Dow Can’t Tell You How to Manage Your Portfolio

by: Eric Toya, CFP®

  Whenever people refer to the “market,” I’m reminded of the line from “The Princess Bride”: “You keep using that word. I do not think it means what you think it means.” It’s not just a question of semantics. An overly narrow view of what constitutes the market could lead to less than optimal investingRead More →

Eric Toya and Don Hance, Jr. to Volunteer for Los Angeles Financial Planning Day

by: Navigoe

Tomorrow, October 29, 2016, the sixth annual Los Angeles Financial Planning Day will be held at the Downtown Los Angeles Public Library. Financial Planning Days are among the largest nationwide financial education and pro-bono events in the country. The aim is to provide free, no strings attached financial counsel and education to thousands of individualsRead More →

Trump vs. Clinton: What the Election Means to Investors

by: Eric Toya, CFP®

  If you’re like most people, you can’t wait for this presidential election to be over. Then your Facebook feed will finally go back to photos of kids, puppies and food. Until then, you get mudslinging. Every election year, we’re worn out by the bickering campaigns, the endless commercials and mailers and that crazy uncleRead More →

Celebrate Your Financial Independence

by: Eric Toya, CFP®

  July is the month that we gather with family and friends over barbecue and fireworks to celebrate our nation’s independence. This month, take a moment to consider your own financial independence. What is financial independence? Financial independence is a concept that means something different to everyone. To some, it is being able to buyRead More →

Brexit – The BBC’s sequel to Downton Abbey

by: Navigoe

The real cause of yesterday’s vote by the British electorate to end its membership in the European Union was actually a well-executed plot by the BBC. With the BBC hit, Downton Abbey, ending after six seasons, the executives were searching for another multi-season blockbuster to help justify their special status as a quasi-public broadcaster. AddRead More →

Ted Cruz Is Making One Texas-Sized Investing Mistake

by: Navigoe

  This Money Magazine article looks at the presidential candidate’s own finances. Navigoe Founding Partner, Scott Leonard, was again asked to evaluate the candidate’s investment portfolio. Cruz’ lack of diversification may offer valuable lessons for other investors.   Read the full article here: Ted Cruz Is Making One Texas-Sized Investing Mistake

Money Magazine asks Scott Leonard to comment on Jeb Bush’s Personal Investments

by: Navigoe

Money asked Navigoe Founding Partner, Scott Leonard, to evaluate Jeb Bush’s investments for an article. Scott was quoted multiple times, noting that Bush’s portfolio consists of an unwieldy thicket of investments rather than a coherent plan. This year Navigoe launched a new portfolio evaluation service. For $250 we will provide an “Investment Report Card.” IfRead More →

Sometimes ‘Buy and Hold’ Isn’t the Right Investment Strategy

by: Navigoe

It’s that time of year — you’re looking at your investment returns from last year and, most likely, not feeling too great. Add the large losses already sustained this year, and you’re probably turning a little green. We all know the conventional wisdom when the markets are in free fall: Don’t panic. Buy and hold. That’s greatRead More →

Use the ‘Fresh Start Effect’ to Reboot Your Financial Life

by: Eric Toya, CFP®

New Year’s Day is a big deal in my house. We spend the better part of the last days of December preparing a grand feast. On the big day, we host a large gathering of family and friends. I am of Japanese descent and my wife is Filipino, and the feast reflects our backgrounds, includingRead More →