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Mandi Leonard

"When Scott founded his firm, it was based on sound academic research and a pledge to always do what is best for his clients. In an industry that has been through a bit of controversy over the past ten years, I can honestly say that Navigoe has never faltered from its goals. I am proud to be part of the team."

My background & What brought me here...

Even though my focus at UCLA was English literature, I have always been interested in numbers and how they impact the world around me. So along with my literary focus at university, I decided to tack on a “business emphasis” and basically ended up with two very different majors. I continued to work with numbers and, more interestingly, honed my relationship-building skills during my career as a software marketing and then sales representative. I loved working with different companies, learning about their industries, understanding their complicated system requirements and creating solutions to fit their needs. 20 years ago, when Scott ventured off to begin his first corporation, I was one of his first “unofficial” employees, always listening to ideas and helping him build his practice. I found my skills, developed in the software sector, were a good complement for a career in the financial services industry so I made the transition, and now am part of the permanent Navigoe team.

Outside of work, I’m most passionate about...

Outside of work I am most passionate about the health and happiness of my family, being a trusted friend, and always trying to learn and grow. Recently, our family has returned from a 2 ½-year sailing journey. As the trip progressed, we became a finely tuned machine, each performing a separate responsibility for the good of the whole. It was rewarding to see our three boys grow in skills and confidence along the way; they were tasked with not only the usual cleaning and maintenance, but were assigned critical duties, important to our safety and well-being. Not many children get the chance for this type of character-building experience. Our trip was inspiring, challenging and reinforced what is important and meaningful.

When not in the office, look for me...

  • Adventuring with my family
  • Exercising, doesn’t matter what–just something everyday...
  • Reading, I like it all
  • Skiing with my family and friends
  • Spending time at the beach
  • Traveling anywhere new and exciting