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Our Process

As your financial partner, we work closely with you to build true prosperity. We align your wealth and well-being to create the peace of mind that comes from having confidence in your financial future. Listening is key to the process; we want to hear your vision for the future, then help you achieve it. We analyze your investments, time horizon and risk tolerance. We explore your tax exposure, cash flow and estate planning opportunities. We help bring order and clarity to your financial affairs, to determine the best course for you. We convert your wealth into prosperity with peace of mind.

How We Chart Your Course

As a new or potential client, we engage in a discovery process that defines and captures your mission, vision and values. Charting your course involves a consolidated view of your family’s financial holdings and initial recommendations based on your personal goals and objectives. By spending this time upfront, we are all able to proceed with confidence in the knowledge that we are pursuing the proper course of action, for the right reasons.

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Staying the course

We typically have three formal planning meetings per year with each of our clients. The Investment Plan/Review Meeting is typically the first meeting of the year. The beginning of the year is a good time to review the previous results as of the most recent year end, determine if we are on pace with expectations, and whether or not changes should be implemented.

Spring or Summer is time for the Advanced Planning Meeting. The planning at this meeting is based on the most important goals for each client. Retirement cash flow analysis, charitable donation planning, estate and wealth transfer planning, business/career transition planning and college planning are frequent topics.

The third meeting of the year is a tax planning meeting. Most people don’t think about tax planning until 1099s and W-2s arrive in February. The time for tax planning is before the end of the year. If appropriate, we will communicate with your tax professional to make recommendations that can be implemented before the end of the year.

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Wealth Management

Navigating the seas of your financial life is much like navigating a sailboat safely to your destination. Before we chart your course, we engage in a thorough discovery process to help us understand your most important goals, as well as other desires along the way. We’ll work with you to help you and your loved ones arrive safely and comfortably. But we know that life is not always a smooth sail. We know that you could run into inclement weather, poor winds and maybe even pirates. This is why we don’t just hand you a map and wish you “bon voyage.” We board your vessel and serve as your navigator. We are there to advise when it’s time to change course or stay on path, when it’s time to rev the engines or patiently await fair winds.

Our wealth management process is designed to guide you through your financial decisions by working with you to design, implement and continue to monitor your progress throughout your journey.

Comprehensive Advice

We look to address your unique questions and address them together in a cohesive manner. Wealth management is more than a financial plan, investment returns or tax reductions. It’s an ongoing process of discussion, consultation and complete integration of all aspects of your financial life.

Independent Advice

As your fiduciary, we have a legal responsibility to put your needs ahead of our own. Our independent status means that we never sell products, never represent outside firms and never receive commissions. Simply put: when you work with Navigoe, you get our best advice, free from the conflicts of interest that permeate most of the financial advice industry.

Experienced Advice

We’ve been providing personalized financial services since the mid-1990's. We have guided clients through the dot-com boom and bust, Y2K, a housing bubble, two major stock market crashes and the Great Recession. Our comprehensive approach to wealth management, combined with our adherence to an academically based investment discipline, has allowed us to safely guide our clients through turbulent seas.

Investment Philosophy

The most important outcome of an investment strategy is to help you achieve your goals. That’s why our investment discipline focuses first on minimizing risk, then on maximizing returns. Building on a foundation of academic principles, we employ a disciplined approach to maintain appropriate levels of risk and management of taxation.

Academic Foundation

Our methodology is based on decades of academically sound and tested research, developed, modified and improved upon by some of the world’s leading economists. Our portfolio management is based on the principle that markets are efficient and returns are determined principally by asset allocation, not market timing or stock picking.

Disciplined Management

For many investors, emotions, principally greed and fear, drive investment decisions, causing them to buy high and sell low. Disciplined investment management means maintaining appropriate levels of risk through systematic rebalancing, tax management through asset allocation and smart “asset location” decisions, and a strategic plan to maintain desired cash flow through both up and down market periods.

Market Proven Approach

We have maintained consistency in our investment strategy since Scott founded the firm in the mid-1990s. This consistent approach brings our clients peace of mind in knowing that we are not experimenting with the latest “hot” strategy or chasing the next great stock pick. Instead, we focus on what is most important to you, helping you pursue your life’s dreams.

Trust Services

There was a time when trustee services were provided by your local banker, someone who you knew personally and who had a relationship with your family. Unfortunately, such relationships are rare in today’s era of multinational mega-banks. However, the need for a professional trustee who knows you and your family, who has been a part of helping you navigate financial decisions for your heirs and is personally accessible to all beneficiaries is as important as ever. It is with the idea of the community banker in mind that Navigoe Trust was created.

Navigoe Trust, through its association with National Advisors Trust Company (NATC), provides a full range of trustee services. NATC is the largest federally-chartered trust company, created by registered investment advisors for the benefit of their clients.

Navigoe Trust works with estate planning professionals on a local level to provide the consistent, trusted services needed by our common clients. By working together, Navigoe Trust, National Advisors Trust and the estate planning professional are able to build a strong foundation for the client by providing a solid trustee and investment management solution, while helping clients protect their wealth and remain confident about the future of their estates.