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2020 Year End Client Letter

Happy New Year! I have never been so happy to put a year behind us as I am with 2020. All of us here at Navigoe hope that you and your family are all safe and healthy as we work our way through this pandemic. Navigoe Update Since early March of 2020, everyone at Navigoe…

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Navigoe 3rd Quarter Newsletter

Right around this time of year is when we usually host the annual Navigoe End of Summer Celebration. Unfortunately, as we are still respecting social distancing and group gathering guidelines, the 2020 celebration has been cancelled. However, we hope to give you something to look forward to. Our company, started by Scott Leonard in 1996,…

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Planning For the End of Life

Navigoe’s First Quarter 2020 Newsletter has been published! Following is a summary of one of the articles. At the bottom you can click to view the entire newsletter. Nobody wants to think about dying, much less planning for all the details that will follow. But this is important. Your heirs and the executor of your…

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Navigoe Third Quarter Newsletter

The Navigoe Third Quarter Newsletter is out! Here is a summary of some of the articles in our latest newsletter. Eight Compelling Tax Reasons for Roth IRA Conversion Deciding whether or not you should convert your traditional IRA (or part of it) to a Roth IRA is an important decision with significant tax and retirement…

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Navigoe First Quarter 2015 Newsletter: 4 Reasons for Roth IRA Conversions, Keeping a 529 Plan Rolling, Dispel Popular Myths About Retirement, and more!

The 2015 First Quarter Navigoe Newsletter is complete! Here is a summary of some of the articles in this quarter’s newsletter: Ponder These 4 Reasons For Roth IRA Conversions Roth IRA conversions remain a top topic of discussion for those who are seeking to maximize their retirement dollars. Although there are many benefits to converting…

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