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Using the Roth IRA to Give the Gift of Financial Security

Help your children and/or grandchildren to build good financial habits by setting up and contributing to a Roth IRA this year, and every year. Key Takeaways 1 in 3 Americans have less than $5,000 saved for retirement. (CNBC Aug. 2018) Just like eating healthy and regular exercise, the sooner one gets into the habit of…

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Having more money (like losing weight) isn’t a real goal

I was talking with a friend about running, and he told me, “you know what the best way to improve your running time is?” “what?” I asked. “Lose weight,” he says. That just seemed entirely backwards. It’s like saying that the best way to improve your bench press is to get stronger. Aren’t I running…

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Your Good Decisions Don't Cancel Out Your Bad Ones

About a year before our wedding, my wife and I both made some changes to our eating and exercise habits. We both lost some weight, and began on a path towards better health. Initially, she had more success. As you can imagine, with our engagement announced and a wedding date pending, many thought that we…

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Saving Money: not the same as losing weight

April has arrived, and with it we say goodbye to the frigid 65 degree winter days that we experienced here in Redondo Beach. It’s time for me to plant my vegetable garden, and reflect on the close of the first quarter. In fact, I like to look at the first of April, not as a…

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