Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to commonly-asked questions about our services right here.
How do you charge?

The main thing to know is that we are 100% Fee-Only, meaning that 100% of our compensation comes directly from fees paid by clients. We never receive a commission, or incentive from any outside third party.

In most cases, clients pay a fee based on a percentage of total liquid investment assets, starting at 1%. We also have annual retainer and hybrid fee structures available. Our minimum annual fee is $10,000

Do you make commissions on the investments that you recommend?

Nope! We never have in the more than 25 year history of the company, and never will!

Is there a minimum amount of assets that I have to have to work with you?

No, we don’t have an asset minimum. However, to be totally transparent, we have found that our services are most valuable for families who have more than $1 million in assets. Regardless of what your current balance sheet looks like, we’re happy to chat and see if we can help.

Our minimum annual fee for comprehensive wealth management is $10,000

Who will I be working with?

The two Certified Financial Planner™ Professionals at Navigoe are Founding Partner, Scott Leonard, and Partner, Eric Toya. Typically, you will meet with one of the partners who will walk you through the introduction to the firm and the initial onboarding process. Both Scott and Eric work with all clients and you will be welcome to meet with either partner throughout your relationship with Navigoe.

Also, our Operations Team is the real engine that keeps Navigoe running smoothly. Director of Operations, Diana Bouch and Client Services Crew Members, Jennifer Albert and Heather Johnson work closely with clients to ensure all of the i’s are dotted and t’s are crossed.

Are you a fiduciary (and what is a fiduciary)?

You bet we are, and proud of it! In short, as a fiduciary, we are legally bound to act solely in your best interest. This is extremely different from the big firms who have shareholders to answer to.

Do I have to live in the South Bay to work with you?

Not at all! The reality is that the majority of our clients live in the South Bay and we love meeting with them at our historic property in Redondo Beach (especially after in-person meetings got taken away from us for a while!) But one thing that came out of COVID is that we became really good at conducting meetings over Zoom. So, while in-person meetings are still our favorite way to meet, we’re always happy to Zoom with you wherever you are!

How do you help with taxes?

First, know that we’re not an accounting firm, so we’re not the ones who prepare and file your taxes. What we do is proactive, forward-looking tax planning throughout the year with the aim of reducing your tax burden over the course of your life. If you have an accountant who prepares and files your taxes, we will work closely with them to make sure all the tax planning strategies are properly reflected in your return. Alternatively, we have a strategic partner we work very closely with to prepare and file your tax return.

Do you work on an hourly basis?

No, we do not. We feel that to truly advise and implement a customized wealth strategy for our clients, our compensation needs to be more in line with an annual “salary” versus hourly work. There are competent hourly-only, fee-only, financial planners available. And that may be an acceptable solution for you. It is just not in line with Navigoes comprehensive wealth management.

Can we just hire you to create a financial plan?

No. We feel financial planning is an ongoing process. A plan is just the beginning, implementation and ongoing monitoring is a major aspect of Navigoe’s comprehensive wealth management. We have found that our clients prefer to delegate that process to us also.

Can you prepare a living trust and a will?

No, we are not attorneys. However, for many of our clients, we are able to facilitate the process with them, in a quick and efficient manner.

Are you a trust company?

Scott Leonard, the founding partner of Navigoe, is a California Certified Professional Fiduciary, which is the license necessary for professionals to be trustees, guardians and conservators in the state of California. He can act as trustee and hire Navigoe to provide all the wealth management services.