Our Process

"The planning stage of a cruise is often just as enjoyable as the voyage itself, letting one’s imagination loose on all kinds of possibilities. Yet translating dreams into reality means a lot of practical questions have to be answered."
- Jimmy Cornell, World Cruising Handbook

As your financial partner, Navigoe’s team works closely with your family to instill peace of mind and build true prosperity. No matter what services we provide for you, you can always count on us for independent advice, an education-based process and a long-term relationship.

Fee-Only, Independent Advice

Being an independent firm allows us to serve as your ally. Unlike “fee-BASED” practices, Navigoe is “fee-ONLY.” That means we never receive commissions or referral rewards, providing reassurance that you’re getting unbiased advice.

Education-Based Process

Our consultative, education-based process helps you understand all of your financial decisions and how they may impact your future. We take the jargon out of the conversation and keep you informed about what is most important to you.

Fiduciary Responsibility

As a fiduciary, we are legally responsible for acting solely in your best interest. Our team never sells products or receives commissions, so you only receive our best advice, free from conflicts of interest that permeate the financial industry.

Long-Term Relationships

Our relationship with you is collaborative and nurtured over time. Rather than only hearing from our team at opportune moments, you can count on us for ongoing, proactive conversations about your progress, goals and needs.

How We Prepare For Your Voyage

The beginning of Navigoe’s process is focused on getting to know you and understanding your vision for the future. We create a Draft Plan allowing you to experience our comprehensive approach and learn what our initial steps would be if we worked together. We analyze your financial situation, time horizon and risk tolerance before Charting Your Course(™), a plan that will offer greater clarity today while exploring opportunities for the future.

Spending this time upfront allows you to test the waters with us and feel confidence in the course of action before proceeding. Once we create your Draft Plan, you can either continue on your way, or invite us to board your ship and serve as your navigator throughout your journey to prosperity.

Introductory Meeting to Meet the Crew

Are we a good fit? Answering that question is the primary goal of this meeting. During this introduction, you will meet some of our team members, learn more about Navigoe’s comprehensive services, discuss how we could help achieve your goals, and start to build a Draft Plan.

Charting Your Course™

Next, we get together to learn even more about what is truly important to you and start developing our relationship further. This part of the process allows us to learn about your values, interests, financial situation and concerns, and most of all, your family’s goals. In doing this we are Charting your Course(™) for the next leg of your life's journey.

Welcome Aboard

If we mutually decide that we should work together, then we meet and formalize the process, make updates or modifications to finish Charting your Course(™) and prepare your ship for the journey ahead.

Setting SAIL™

The first part of a new journey always involves logistics to get everything set up properly, making any adjustments, and ensuring you are in “ship shape.” This process can take from 4 weeks to 2 years, depending on the complexity of your situation. This is the implementation stage of the process.

Staying the Course™ Advance planning meeting cycle

After you begin working with Navigoe, have Charted Your Course(™) and Set Sail(™), we typically have two planning meetings per year to review all of the areas of your financial life. As life evolves, special or more frequent meetings may be helpful, but rest assured that there are no additional costs for ongoing consultation.

Annual Financial Plan and Life-Driven Allocation Review

Every Spring, we review your goals and evaluate if you are still on track. This includes revisiting your Life-Driven Allocation™ to assess if it is still a good fit for you and if the investments performed as expected.

Annual Tax Planning and Cash Flow Analysis

In the latter part of the year, our team does extensive tax planning to make recommendations that can be implemented before the end of the year. If appropriate, we review your cash flow needs to ensure your income is cost-efficient and tax-smart. Click here to learn more about our Annual Tax Planning.

On Call Meeting As Dictated by Your Family’s Needs

Whether we are discussing major changes to your family and financial goals, performing a life insurance needs analysis, completing new trust documents or reviewing new employee benefits, Navigoe’s team of Certified Financial Planners are always available for a meeting all included in your annual fee.