Getting Immediate Guidance with Limited Engagement Financial Planning

"You don’t command wind in the direction it blows, but you command a ship in the direction it sails."
- Matshona Dhliwayo

While some families seek ongoing financial guidance and make the transition to a new advisor fairly easily, others just need some fast answers to pressing questions without the long-term commitment. In that case, Navigoe’s limited engagement financial planning is the perfect solution.

If you’re looking for ongoing consulting from a financial fiduciary, learn more about our comprehensive wealth management services.


Working with a financial professional can be an intimidating process that sparks many questions. “Will they talk down to me?” “Do I have enough money?” “Are they going to sell me something?” These are all valid concerns, and unfortunately, they prevent many families from seeking the services they need and experiencing the benefits of having a partner by their side throughout their financial journey.

Rest assured that Navigoe is a fee-only, independent fiduciary that provides unbiased guidance, not commission-based products or services. Our limited engagement services can be a great way to dip your toes into the financial planning waters, get quick answers to high-priority questions or “kick the tires” to see what it’s like to work with us.

Limited Engagement Financial Planning Options

Guided Personal Solution (GPS)

A single meeting lasting up to 2 hours: $600

This one-time consultation is a fast way to get answers to 2-3 of your most pressing financial questions or concerns. You’ll walk away with a summary of the topics discussed, recommended action items and the confidence to take the next steps. If you decide to work with Navigoe on an ongoing basis at any point, half of the fee will be applied toward your wealth management services.

Essential Financial Plan

2-3 meetings and a customized financial plan: $2,500

Your Essential Financial Plan serves as a foundation for making the best decisions for your family’s wealth. After 2-3 meetings to discuss your priorities, our team develops your Essential Financial Plan to summarize your highest-priority needs, such as:

  • Retirement planning
  • Investment policy
  • Insurance needs
  • Estate planning
  • Savings and debt plan
  • Budget and cash flow

You will have access to this plan for six months through Navigoe’s Financial Planning Portal. If you would like assistance implementing your Essential Financial Plan or an ongoing partner who you can turn to with any future questions, it’s simple to migrate over to our full-service, comprehensive wealth management services. In fact, your financial plan will serve as the foundation for wealth management, so you’ll already be one step ahead.

Other Services

Wealth Management

Live the best life possible by collaborating with us to design a strategy, implement those plans and monitor your progress.

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Investment Consulting

Protect and grow your wealth with a partner who carefully manages your portfolio to minimize risk and maximize returns.

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Employer 401(k) Plans

Get a helping hand updating your company’s 401(k) offerings or starting a new retirement plan for your employees.

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Work with an estate partner who can help develop a trust that represents your financial legacy and continues your financial plan.

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Our team of financial navigators are hear to guide you along the way. Schedule a call to see if we might be the right fit for you.

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