Leaving a Legacy with Navigoe Trustee Services

"The sooner we learn to be jointly responsible, the easier the sailing will be."
- Ella Maillart

There was a time when trustee services were provided by your local banker, someone who you and your family knew personally. Unfortunately, such relationships are rare in today’s era of multinational mega-banks. However, it’s more important than ever to work with a professional trustee who has a relationship with you, is accessible to all beneficiaries and can help you and your heirs navigate financial decisions. Learn how Navigoe brings together the relationship of the traditional community banker with the expertise and resources of a modern estate planner.

Trustee Services

Navigoe provides a wide range of trustee services, while partnering with all of the professionals involved in your estate planning and administration. Our team can serve several roles depending on the level of service that you require.

Wealth advisor

  • Coordinates the relationship and activities between you, your beneficiaries, your attorney and accountant.
  • Provides investment counsel in accordance with your trust document, while incorporating tax and estate planning strategies

Estate Planning Attorney

  • Works with you to prepare trust and estate planning documents
  • As necessary, assists with estate administration, documentation to beneficiaries and provides legal counsel

Professional trustee

  • Serves as a trustee that’s bound by the terms of your trust and has a fiduciary responsibility to administer them as written
  • Performs administrative duties, such as distributions, tax reporting and bill payment

the value of using A professional TRUSTEE

Family Unity

Minimize personal issues that commonly arise when one child or family member is put in charge of administering the trust, helping preserve harmony and relationships.


Protect your wealth, and maintain compliance with internal auditors, outside auditors and government regulations.


Leverage our trust administration and investment management expertise to efficiently and effectively manage your trust.


Maintain fairness by administering the trust as it was written, and avoid the pressure of favoring one class of beneficiaries over another.

Other Services

Wealth Management

Live the best life possible by collaborating with us to design a strategy, implement those plans and monitor your progress.

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Investment Consulting

Protect and grow your wealth with a partner who carefully manages your portfolio to minimize risk and maximize returns.

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Employer 401(k) Plans

Get a helping hand updating your company’s 401(k) offerings or starting a new retirement plan for your employees.

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