Tyler Smith, CFP®, AIF®

Financial Navigator - Director of Institutional Client Group

Tyler Smith, CFP®, AIF®

Financial Navigator - Director of Institutional Client Group

"To me, a large measure of success is how we make a difference in the lives of others. I’m proud to be part of an organization that is committed to adding value in such a meaningful way."
- Tyler Smith

My Background and What Brought Me Here…

Soon after graduating from UCSB I started working within a talent agency for the entertainment software industry. After a couple of years, a partner and I were fortunate enough to secure funding to start our own boutique firm. It took a huge commitment and a large skill set to run a successful company. Planning the business and its finances, as well as helping individuals and development teams achieve their goals, were the two aspects of my career that I was most passionate about. Due to changes in the nature of the business over the years, I was doing less and less of what I loved, connecting with people and planning the details. My position at Navigoe allows me to couple my interest in finance and numbers with my passion for understanding people, and structuring ways for them to fulfill their goals. I believe the wisdom and experience I’ve gained over the past decade adds true value when planning financial futures.

Why I Chose This Profession…

My commitment to Wealth Management has not been made lightly. Impacting people’s lives in a positive way is what most motivates me at the end of the day. There aren’t many factors in an individual’s life that are more important than the sense of security that comes with knowing your financial future is secure. For this reason, and given my high level of interest in finance and numbers, becoming a financial advisor was a perfect fit for me.

Outside of Work, I’m Most Passionate About…

My family has always been the most central part of my life outside of work. Spending time with my wife, our two little sons, and extended family is what I enjoy most. Over the past 17 years, I’ve also been known to participate in endurance sports or anything that involves running, biking and swimming, or breathing hard in general. Ironman, 1/2 Ironman, Olympic distance triathlons, marathons, long-distance swims and century bike rides, are all events that get me going. Although, the aches and pains are getting more frequent as I grow older.

When Not in the Office, Look for Me…

  • Chasing my little boys around the house.
  • Cooking dinners, any style.
  • Running

How I’m Advancing My Career Knowledge

After completing the extensive educational requirements and taking the exam I sucessfully obtained a CFP® certificate, as well as a AIF® certificate.  I’m also an avid member and supporter of the Financial Planning Association’s Los Angeles Chapter.

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Professional Affiliations

Financial Planning Association, Los Angeles Chapter

  • 2014 - present

Education and Certifications

Bachelors of Arts History – University of California Santa Barbara

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