Tax Planning

"The hardest thing in the world to understand is the income tax."
- Albert Einstein

Integrating Tax Planning Strategies Into your Wealth Plan

For most of us, the single biggest expense over the course of our lifetime is income taxes. At Navigoe, our goal is to help minimize taxes over your lifetime. This can only be accomplished by deeply understanding your life’s goals. Tax planning is fully integrated into our comprehensive wealth management services.

  • Year-round tax planning
  • Tax-optimized portfolios
  • Income tax preparation and filing
  • Estate tax planning
  • Proactively work with your tax preparer and/or attorney

Tax Preparation Versus Tax Planning

Tax preparation is the annual process of filing tax returns. It is a very precise process, backward-looking, as it is an accounting of what happened in the prior year. This is best performed by an accountant.

Tax planning is a forward-looking process of doing everything within your legal rights to minimize taxes over the course of your lifetime, and beyond. It is plagued by uncertainty. Certified Financial Planner professionals are great options for tax planning. Our training and experience is about living in uncertainty, projecting solutions over a lifetime.

Navigoe performs proactive tax planning and will work with either our strategic partner to complete your tax preparation or work with your accountant to ensure the implementation of your tax planning is properly reflected in your tax returns.

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